04 November 2011

The Run Up

Someone mentioned recently that there are only 50+ days to Christmas. Yes, thanks for that.

As usual I am not prepared, partly I think, because I hate the festive nonsense, smiling cheerfully as someone elbows you out of the way in the stampede to buy presents is not my cup of tea. This year I have the usual bah humbug attitude to the festive season, so if someone could wake me when it is all over I would be grateful.

I have two fairs before the end of November which I need to get my act together for and hope that they are better than the one I did last weekend. One of these days, I will do a roaring trade at a fair and someone will have to pick me off the floor. I have some lovely baskets to take which will make the perfect gift. They are limited edition, so when they are gone they are gone.

Of course, at this time of year, I have to make an effort to decorate the stand in a jolly Christmassey way (oh joy), but I don't suppose that lighting candles would be a good idea. It would probably give the safety elf apoplexy, not to mention setting the place on fire. I can't have lights because I don't have a power point, so I may just resort to the same as last year, swathing the stall in organza and decorating with a few bits and bobs. And no, I am not wearing a Santa hat or reindeer antlers no matter how much you pay me!

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