10 November 2011


Last July, I had a slight prang in the car, I won't go into details except to say that it was my fault. Neither car was particularly badly damaged, although the repair bills were quite steep (garages do seem to charge a lot for repairing even minor damages). I have now had a call from the insurance company to say that they are having to pay the whiplash claim, plus the costs of physiotherapy, and time off work on top of the cost of the damage to the other car.

If I believed in any way that the two people in the other car had suffered any kind of injury I would not be steaming mad, but I don't. I did not feel the impact, I heard it, and as the sufferer of a bad back, if the impact had been serious I would have felt it. The other driver and her passenger have been to one of those unscrupulous no win no fee charlatans who flash pound signs and promise the earth. My insurance company has no choice but to pay up because whiplash is pretty much impossible to disprove, but I am almost certain the other parties are lying through their teeth and this is what I find frustrating.

It is about time that the government cracked down on such sharp practice, and time that insurance companies started saying enough is enough. This puts up everyone's insurance premiums, and lines the pockets of the miserable little so-and-so's who make a living from this kind of thing. It is also immoral, and in my view legalised theft not to mention fraud. Am I bitter? You bet I am.

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