18 November 2012

New Soap Style

I have wanted to try a different style of soap, using only natural colours. This week, I have made two different layered soaps. The first one is a rosey blend of essential oils and the top layer is coloured with pink clay.

The second one has a blend of essential oils including Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Orange with the addition of some more smokey oils to add depth and mystery. The top layer is coloured with turmeric. The line on both is made with cocoa.

I really like the way these have turned out and will be two of a new range of four soaps made with Babassu and Silk forming the backbone of a new product range, including bath oils. I have to decide what to use as colour in the other two soaps and then off they go into the world - once I have decided on packaging. 

04 November 2012

Christmas is coming!

It is the run-up to Christmas and the mad fair season. I have not done a large number of fairs this year but have three in pretty quick succession.

The fair last weekend was a great success with a decent footfall and people prepared to part with their cash. At the end of this month I have another fair at the same venue, and then one a little more local. With luck there will be plenty of people on the look out for Christmas presents.

Next year, I am determined that I will find more shops to take my products and try to grow the business. I am in the process of sorting out some packaging which will stand up to the rigours of being handled by customers. There is a potential plan in the pipeline which I am not going to reveal at the moment.

Presentation is incredibly important, and is what sells a product in the first instance. What brings customers back is the quality of the item they have bought, and whether it does the job. I think that some people underestimate the importance of packaging because it gets thrown away, but not only does it serve a purpose, it can catch the eye. If you have two products side by side on a shelf which do you go for, the one in the ugly packaging? I think not.

And on that note, I am off to redesign some lables.