27 November 2010

National Trust

This morning we received some great news!

We recently applied to the National Trust to be added to their approved local suppliers list. An email popped into the inbox this morning, to confirm that we have indeed been included.

Orders should start arriving late January/early February 2011 for sale at local properties. These will be added to our "where to buy" page as and when the details are available. Watch this space.....

22 November 2010

Rosey Blend

I have cut the Cold Process soap I made last night. The colour could have been a bit smoother, but I am reasonably happy with it. I just have to work out how to get a lovely even colour, and wait for 4 weeks before I can try it an see what effect the silk has made.

21 November 2010


I have just made my first Cold Process soap. As you can see, I do not have a very steady pouring hand.

It is for a new range of soaps which have Babassu oil and silk added for that extra touch of luxury. It is a slightly more delicate process than Hot Process in that you have to take notice of the oil temperatures. I  will be really interested to see how it turns out. The problem is that I have no patience and I have to wait weeks to be able to use it.

Talking about cold, I have just seen the weather forecast and there is a cold wind blowing our way later in the week. With it comes the first snows of winter, not here luckily, but I don't do cold very well at all.

13 November 2010

Autumn Fair

Another Fair over. It took place at old Christ Church, a beautiful venue, if a little chilly at this time of year. I was lucky as my stall was near enough to a heater so that I did not develop hypothermia.

My best seller by far was the Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh limited edition soap. Perhaps the combination of the time of year and the fact that we were in a Church helped.

As it was Christmas, I decided on a different look for my "props" and went on a spending spree (feeble excuse I know). I decided on the dramatic, and bought some lovely masks. The problem with them though is that more people fondled the props than wanted to buy and if anyone else had picked them up, I would have screamed!

03 November 2010

Face Cream

Last night, I made my first face cream. I used someone else's recipe in terms of quantities just so that I could understand the process. Although the texture is a bit light and moussy, I love the feel of it on my face. It is lovely and moisturising.

I am going to see what the texture is like in a week or so and I need to sit and think about texture and how I make it a little thicker for use as a hand cream. As a first pass though I am rather pleased with myself.