03 November 2010

Face Cream

Last night, I made my first face cream. I used someone else's recipe in terms of quantities just so that I could understand the process. Although the texture is a bit light and moussy, I love the feel of it on my face. It is lovely and moisturising.

I am going to see what the texture is like in a week or so and I need to sit and think about texture and how I make it a little thicker for use as a hand cream. As a first pass though I am rather pleased with myself.


  1. I'm not surprised you're pleased, it looks lovely! Are you going to start selling face creams?

  2. Looks gorgeous - are you using Emulsifying Wax and if so which one? And a preservative? I have tried creams and so far mine have all been "VERY moisturising" (nice way to say greasy?) so I continue in my quest for a good Emulsifying Wax. xo Jen

  3. I get my emulsifier (powder not wax) and preservative from Helen at Fresholi. This is definately not greasy.