30 October 2010

New Things

My head is buzzing with ideas for new products for next year. I am slowly whittling down those ideas and researching oils etc, so that I can start to work on the products and packaging. I am really excited by the direction I have decided to take this area of the business.

The products will be different to those I make now, and are aimed at a different target market. The packaging is going to be the usual pain to source, although I have a vague idea of what I want.

All will be revealed as and when I have finalised a product - so watch this space!

The clocks go back this weekend, so in theory that means an extra hour in bed. In reality, for me it won't. Cats do not go by the time on the clock, and no doubt I will have some furry little ratbag dancing all over me because it wants its breakfast. I am off work on Monday and Tuesday of next week, so I want to get everything ready for the craft fair on 13th and then it won't be too much of a rush, assuming all goes to plan, and it has not today.

I was trying to print off the cigar bands for the limited edition Christmas soap, and spent most of the afternoon fighting with and swearing at the printer, which has now decided that it does not like the card I am using. Trouble is that I have used the card before with no problems so why it won't go through now is a complete mystery.

I  hate technology!


  1. lol, technology sucks!

    I'm looking at changing my products and ranges, new labels and logo - the whole sheebang. It's exciting, and I can;t wait to see what you come up with.

    And I hope you get a long lie before furry little paws climb all over you

  2. I'm intrigued!Can't wait to see your new lines. Printing is indeed a nightmare, and the photography too, which takes up almost as much time as the making of the products!

    I forgot that the clocks went back last night and got up an hour earlier than I needed too!