12 May 2012

Change of Seasons

Well, the sun is finally shining and perhaps Spring is on its way. Winter has seemed longer than normal this year and I will certainly be glad when temperatures rise. There is a cold wind keeping temperatures down, and I have to wear something wooly but bright sun and blue skies do raise the spirits.

I have just decided to do a Countryside Fair towards the end of July. It is the first time I have done a fair like this, and I don't really know what to expect. It is a two day event, but I am only going to attend on the Saturday. If it is successful, then I may do the whole weekend next year. They apparently have a large number of people attending over the weekend, so I had better get soaping!

Labels are taking up a great deal of my time at the moment, or rather lack of them. The company I have been getting them from has raised their prices considerably and because I may change the artwork shortly, I only want a small run. Finding a company which does short runs of labels which will stand up to oil and water is well nigh impossible. I want something which looks professional not something that looks like I have knocked it up in the garden shed.

I finally had my oven fixed last week, and it has not been out of action since! I have made bread - twice, used it to insulate my CP soap, and pigged out on a lovely veggie lasagne. I don't know how I managed without it for so long.

04 May 2012

A Plea

I don't usually do this, but the situation is desperate.

Nowzad is a small British charity helping service personnel in Afghanistan bring home cats and dogs they have adopted while on duty in the country. These animals have had a really bad start in life, many of the male dogs have their tails and ears chopped off, without anaesthetic, so that they can be used as fighting dogs. Yet despite what they have been through these dogs prove to be fantastic pets, if not without their issues.

It is hard for most of us to imagine what it is like to live and work in a war zone, to go out on patrol not knowing if you will make it back to base in one piece. The stress must be unbearable, but what helps these men and woman cope with that stress is knowing that there will be a furry bundle waiting for them when they get back. Caring for that dog or cat helps to alleviate the stress, and gives some sense of normality.

Nowzad runs the only animal rescue centre in Afghanistan, and it is in serious need of help. They were recently given three months to vacate the land the shelter is on, and have now been told that they can't build on the land that was to be a temporary home. There is currently a desperate fund raising drive to get the money to buy land on which to build a permanent shelter. If these funds are not found, the shelter will have to close, and these animals will have no-one to help them, and will have to be left behind when the service personnel go home.
I am about to launch a dog shampoo with a percentage of the profits going to Nowzad. The charity has some fantastic supporters who are doing what they can, but more is needed. If you able, please donate to the shelter appeal at