27 July 2010

New Tag

I am trying to get a more co-ordinated look with my packaging. The ribbon and fabric I like, but thought that the tag needed a tweak. I have gone for a bit more than a tweak, and now that I have seen the result, need to get them done for all my products.

23 July 2010

First Fair

I have just had my application accepted for the Liverpool Craft and Design Fair on 5th September. I am really excited to be preparing for my first Craft Fair. I am going to have to spend the next few weeks furiously soaping, wrapping, planning and tearing my hear out. I am sure it will be worth all the work though.

My main problem at the moment is designing my stand. I think I know what I am going to use as a table cloth, and I do have some other ideas to make it pretty too. But, and it is a big but, I have to source what I need. I did find some lovely reasonably priced baskets, but the shipping was horrendous so I am going to have to look elsewhere. I have absolutely no idea how much of everything I need to take.

I am currently tweaking my soap packaging. I am not keen on the tags I am using, so I have sent for some. If I like them then I will get them for the rest of my soap. I also need to work on my food balm. It would be good if I have it for the Fair.

14 July 2010

Crisis Just About Averted

Had a bit of a crisis a little while ago. The price of Babassu Oil has rocketed in price and it is in my soap. I had visions of either having to get a brand new safety assessment, or putting the price of the soap up so much no-one would buy.

A few frantic emails to my supplier and my safety assessor later, I heaved a huge sigh of relief when my lovely assessor Scott, said that he would amend the assessment for me without charge. So, while I have been waiting for the new assessment I have not been able to make any soap, and I am a little behind.

Am I the only person who does not have enough hours in the day? I need to catch up on the soap making, do a considerable amount of marketing and try to work my way through the growing list of things I have to do. If anyone could manage to slot another day into the week, I would be grateful.