18 September 2011

Wind Swept

I was sitting in the lounge this afternoon when I glanced out of the window at blue skies and sunshine, and decided to go for a walk. I grabbed my camera and headed for the beach just a short walk away.

Once I had picked my way through the rubbish that gathers at the top of the beach, caught in the small dunes and unable to find its escape back to the sea, I walked along the hard, flat sand for a while.

The beach was busy with families, and people walking their dogs, not caring about the wind which was whipping the waves into wild white horses. Each group oblivious of the next, wrapped up in their own little worlds and making the most of the late summer/early autumn sunshine.

Dotted along the beach is Antony Gormley's Iron Men installation "Another Place." Stretching over 2 miles, the 100 metal statues are revealed and submerged as the tides ebb and flow. I am not sure what I think of an artist making multiple copies of his own body, probably a discussion for another time, but they do bring people to the area and that is no bad thing.

I tried taking photographs, but I think that I wobbled a bit in the wind, as they are all a touch fuzzy.

03 September 2011

Product Development

Ok, so I know it is not very neat, but this is my first pass at eye-liner. I used to buy a cream eye-liner from a company which no longer exists and I have run out and was desperate, so I made my own.

It is much simpler to make than I thought it would be, although it sets in the blink of an eye. It is soft enough to be applied with a brush but if I want to sell it I am going to have to work out how to pour it before it sets which will be no mean feat! On the plus side, it is quite quick to make, so I could in theory make whatever colour a customer requests. I am going to need to speak to my lovely assessor to get his advice about what and what is not permissable.

I also made a lovely hand cream recently which I am hoping to launch fairly soon. There are some tests which need to be done beforehand though and I need to give some thought to different oils for different purposes i.e. older skin, but watch this space for further information.