23 July 2010

First Fair

I have just had my application accepted for the Liverpool Craft and Design Fair on 5th September. I am really excited to be preparing for my first Craft Fair. I am going to have to spend the next few weeks furiously soaping, wrapping, planning and tearing my hear out. I am sure it will be worth all the work though.

My main problem at the moment is designing my stand. I think I know what I am going to use as a table cloth, and I do have some other ideas to make it pretty too. But, and it is a big but, I have to source what I need. I did find some lovely reasonably priced baskets, but the shipping was horrendous so I am going to have to look elsewhere. I have absolutely no idea how much of everything I need to take.

I am currently tweaking my soap packaging. I am not keen on the tags I am using, so I have sent for some. If I like them then I will get them for the rest of my soap. I also need to work on my food balm. It would be good if I have it for the Fair.


  1. Hi Suzanne wishing you all the best for your first fair! You will love it although the first one is nerve wracking all the prep and planning but it will be worth it!
    I just take a batch of everything but I don't put everything out I keep spares and I find now that I have best sellers so make extra but that didn't happen straight will be fine x

  2. You'll do really well Suzanne, your soaps are lovely.

    The first fair is always a learning curve as you don;t know what to expect but talking about soap all day is magic, and it gets it out your system so you don't need to bore your family with soap talk when you get home.

    Is there an industrial type warehouse estate within easy driving distance? The one nearest to me (30 miles) is called Country Baskets and you can see everything, rather than rely on photos from a website which can make a product look much better than it is. They have an online site but you can't buy from it, but they do have a list of places where they have a warehouse. Might be worth checking them out.

    SOrry, ramble over - best of luck, and remember to take photos xx

  3. Good luck and have fun!! xoxo Jen