27 April 2010

My First Order

It has been a lovely few days of sunshine, with hope of a real summer.  I think we deserve one after the winter we have had.

Mum has been foisting my products on poor unsuspecting guinea pigs. Yesterday, she gave a sample of my body butter to a friend, who has placed an order for a full size pot. Yippee, my first order. From tiny acorns, and all that.

I am trying to find suitable outlets for my products rather than just relying on the internet. It is a really time consuming excercise, but hopefully will bear fruit.

Gardens are starting to look lovely after their long sleep. I don't have a garden to speak of, so I have to make do with a few pots. My Camelia is just about to flower, and the Passion Flower never fails. It is a lovely bright purple spot in an otherwise dull spot.


  1. Yay!!! Congrats on your first order Suzanne! It's so exciting isn't it?! And especially good that she liked the sample so much she wanted more. Brilliant news :) xx

  2. Fantastic news! Getting your first order is a great feeling. Congratulations, and it will be the first of many xxx

  3. It's such a great feeling when you get your first order ..heres to many more Suzanne x

  4. Well done on your first order! Such a great feeling isn't it? Thank you for joining in the Women Wednesday blog hop again!
    Please follow me back and the Creation|Collaboration blog, thank you!
    Lois x

  5. Thank you for joining in our Collaboration Women Wednesday blog hop again and adding our button to your blog! We really appreciate your support. Please follow the CC blog if you are not already and hopefully we'll see you next week!