23 April 2010

Creation Collaboration Women Wednesday blog hop.

Last Wednesday was the first Women Wednesday blog hop.

Creation Collaboration was set up as a way of networking by a group of women friends, who are all in business. Women Wednesday was started as a way of promoting the businesses of all who register on the blog roll.

It is a great idea. We are barely out of the recent recession, if indeed we are which I wonder about, and we all need a little help to promote our businesses. Goodness knows it is really difficult to get a business of the ground, and as women we are sometimes not taken seriously, so isn't it great to be able to offer some support to fellow business women?

It just shows how technology is changing the way we promote our businesses. Gone are the days when you just advertised in the local paper. Commerce is now global and the world shrinking.

The world is shrinking that is unless you are one of the poor unfortunates who were caught up in the Icelandic volcano fiasco. I knew I did not shop in Iceland for a reason!


  1. Never a truer word said Suzanne and agree with you made me giggle though with your last sentence!

  2. Suzanne, thank you so much for featuring this - I really appreciate it so much. More than you know. Celine x

  3. Thank you for writing about our Women Wednesday Blog hop, we really value your support. See you on Wednesday on the next blog roll! Lois x

  4. Following you from Women Wednesday! Again lol xx