08 April 2010

Guest Moulds

Deliveries arrived yesterday, so I have started making soap again. I had ordered a guest mould to have a play with. I have not used these sorts of moulds before so I did not know what to expect. They are a bit of a faff to fill, but then I am not terribly adept at fiddly. Then there is the difficulty of getting the little buggers out of the mould. A great deal of twisting, banging the moulds on the work surface, and a little bit of yelling and they popped out. I am quite pleased with them, but I think that next time they I will leave them longer before trying to extricate them. I think that they would look lovely with a touch of mica to highlight them, but I don't have them on my assessment.
I have been getting soapy withdrawal symptoms waiting for my ingredients to arrive. The bank holiday weekend slowed things down a little and I am still waiting for my ribbons so I can make a final decision about packing.

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