15 February 2014

Core Blimey!

It has been a while, so Happy New Year!

At this time of year, I tend to do a great deal of thinking about Scent Trail and where I see the business going. I am not sure I come up with any answers, but I do plan new products and we have quite a few in the pipe-line. This may mean that some of the current lines are dropped, but I am still thinking about that.

Shortly to be released is a lovely lip balm made with olive wax and therefore suitable for vegans. When I did my research, I realised that most lip balms and actually balms in general seem to contain beeswax. I am not for one second doubting the efficacy of this wax, but it does mean that the vegans among us are left out.

So, recipe sorted and I have been using it all winter. It has stopped my lips drying out which, when you consider the wind that we have had to put up with, is remarkable. The trouble I have had is deciding on the flavours (I have to get used to not saying fragrances). I asked a few people and the consensus seems to be CHOCOLATE. I can’t say I am surprised. It is a girl thing. So there will initially be three varieties: Chocolate, Unfragranced and Grapefruit and to flavour them I have found some natural, organic aromas. Nothing synthetic, thank you very much.

For quite some time, I have been talking about making a beer soap, but with one thing and another, I have not got around to it. So, this afternoon I popped out and bought some organic beer and bit the bullet and made my first batch. Fragranced with a unisex blend of essential oils including Cardamom, Palmarosa and Vetivert it is now in the mould, and looks like toffee. I am really liking this blend with its citrus undertones and will interested to see how it developes.

Knowing how keen you will be to see it in the mould, ta da! here is it.

I have to say, that I really do not like the beer lye water. Core blimey it was stinky, but I think I can live with that if this turns out to be as good as I hope. Hopefully tomorrow you can see the soap cut.

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