18 October 2013

Stampin Up

I recently joined Stampin Up as an independent demonstrator. One of the things I love about the company is the quality of the products, and the fact that you can make money doing what you love.

As an inveterate crafter, I have always been on the look out for versatile stamps and beautiful cards and papers. I did a lot of card making a few years ago, using embellishments because I always found the available stamps so uninspiring. I have a large box of stamps which I bought at the time but hardly used, and I had a look at them recently. There was only one which I still like, the rest will be consigned to lurk at the back of a cupboard, possibly never again to see the light of day.

What I like about Stampin Up is that everything is colour co-ordinated. Select your card and ink in a certain colour, choose your stamp, possibly some pretty paper and then finish with ribbon, brads or buttons in that colour. For those who are a little challenged, or possibly scared of colour co-ordination, this is the perfect. The only thing you need to supply is inspiration and a little time.

To celebrate 25 years, Stampin Up have announced a fabulous special offer for anyone in the UK who wants to join.
Instead of the normal £99 joining fee, for which you get £130 worth of products, for a limited time you can join for £25. This gets you £26.95 worth of products plus the business pack.
One of the great things about Stampin Up is that there is no pressure to do workshops or demonstrations. There are people who do just that, but others who are hobby crafters and have joined just for fun. Whatever the reasons for signing up, you will join a growing number of fabulous, supportive, creative crafters.
This limited offer is available until 21st October so don’t miss out.
If you are in the UK and do want to join, click  and then the "Join My Team" link.


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