13 January 2013


I had a telephone call late last week asking me to go to a local girls Grammar School to assist in a Design Technology project. The girls will research Scent Trail and work at designing a soap, plus packaging and point of sale that would fit comfortably in the existing range. There will be two visits involved, starting with this Thursday and culminating with a soap-making day in May. The middle visit is to see how the ideas are developing and commenting on them.

I am really looking forward to it. As any soapmaker knows, packaging is a nightmare. If you can find what you want, it is too expensive, or out of stock, or not quite suitable and if these students can come up with some lovely, innovative ideas, who am I to say "no."

The Silk Route colleciton is coming along nicely. Indigo arrived this week for use as a colour in one of the soaps, and a decicision has been reached for colour in the last one. Hopefully, before long the full collection will be available, and assuming that I can get hold of someone at the company which sells the bottles I want (and so far they have not replied to me) the bath oils will follow shortly.


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