10 December 2012

My new favourite blend

I have been playing with essential oils again, and I have come up with what I think is a gorgeous blend which will make not only a lovely soap, but a fabulous bath oil.

I do not find blending terribly easy and the successful blends I have manage to create to date have tended to be happy accidents.  Take my Geranium blend for example. This is something created by throwing everything I had into the pot, because when I made my very first batch of soap, I had not considered the weight of essential oils. It worked and is probably my best seller.

I am planning a new range of products including bath oils, and I need four blends. These blends need to be absolutely fabulous and make the bather feel like a film star so I am not rushing. I have had two of them for a while, but the second two have been somewhat elusive.

But.....drum roll please, I think that the third blend is in the bag with the fourth needing a slight tweak. This third blend, is actually the first in the series (not saying more than that at the moment) and I think it is gorgeous.

I have created a blend containing May Chang and Violet Leaf. May Chang is a lovely, light, lemon-sherbet fragrance which seems to float like gossamer on a breeze. Violet Leaf on the other hand, has its feet anchored firmly in the ground. Smelling it neat in the bottle, it is a little overwhelming and you miss its subtleties. It has an intense, dry, green note with, somewhere in the background, a fleeting tiny hint of violet. Use it in this blend and the green notes take a back seat, and you get nodding heads of violets combining beautifully with the soft lemon of the May Chang.

This has quickly become my favourite blend and I can't wait to send it out into the world. Watch this space!


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