11 August 2012


Whisper this, but it would appear that we may be getting a summer. For the last couple of days, we have had warm temperatures and brilliant sunshine, although today, the sun did disappear leaving a sultry afternoon. The humidity is a little high, and last night one of the cats decided it would be fun to sleep draped over me. Warm temperatures, and a furry scarf just do not mix but try telling him that.

I have a week off and some new essential oils to play with. I have a specific "project" in mind and it is going to be fun trying to get a blend that is suitable for it.

So far, except for my Geranium blend which was a happy accident, I have stuck to very simple blends of no more than three essential oils, but this one may have to be a little more complex and I have no idea where to start. I will have to do a bit of reading of all the perfume blending information I have. What I want to end up with is a blend of essential oils which gives me something redolent of dusty rooms filled with maps and books, it also needs to have a lightness to it, which may come from Pettigrain or May Chang but we shall see.


  1. I love messing about with oils and fragrance. If you want lightness to your dusty blend I'd go for May Chang over the pettigrain, although the pettigrain would add to the dust :)

    Beth x

  2. Thanks Beth. I love May Change and Vetivert as a blend, so I may just start with that and add bits.