05 July 2012

Fairs, fairs and fairs

I have three fairs in fairly rapid succession, starting on 21 July. So, I have been busy making salt scrubs. These are fragranced with Lavender essential oil, and I am going to be making some with May Chang, which is an absolute favourite.

I have had to change the packaging for the scrubs and I am happy with the label re-design. It is amazing the difference a proper logo makes.


  1. Your new look labels look great Suzanne - they have a lovely tranquil look to them. Hope your fairs are a great success xx

  2. I love the new labels too and the containers. Gorgeous!! Question for you - do you heal seal the tops? As my scrubs are not emulsified, sometimes the oils can leak and it can be messy. I am looking for a sealing solution for the tops. I love the idea of a lavender scented one... xo Jen

    1. Polly, thank you. Jennifer, I don't heat seal them at the moment. I did use kilner style jars which were great and did not leak. These don't seem to leak, but I may look into heat sealing these jars for any that I ship just in case.