17 June 2011


Last weekend, I made my first shampoo. It is a little like liquid soap - but different. Rashly, I made rather a large batch, half of which was fragranced with lavender and half with mandarin. As you can see the mandarin (on the left) went rather cloudy with the addition of the essential oil, although they have since cleared.

This recipe is olive, coconut and castor oils. I have been using it for the week and I am rather pleased with the result, although it may need a bit of a tweak! I am now researching what I can put in it, seaweed for example, to enrich it further. I have bought of couple of books, and will spend the weekend buried in them researching essential oil blends and shampoo additions, so hopefully I can work out what to do next.

I am really enjoying myself at the moment. Playing experimenting is the best part of all of this and a great release after a long week at work.


  1. I've only made this once as a friend of mine kept begging me for some. It was a fun making it and something I'd like to try again. Yours look wonderful and I like you bottles.


  2. Thank you for your comments Michelle. It is great fun to make. The mandarin scented shampoo is now lovely and clear, but I need to adjust the water because it is just a touch on the thin side.

  3. did you do the Glycerine method or the water one?
    The shampoos look lovely and to be honest, I don't understand the need for them to be so clear? None of the shop bought shampoos are ever clear (apart from the 49p extra value one, which I am sure is just diluted Fairy Liquid)

  4. Glycerine method which even I can manage! I know what you mean about the clarity, and I like them either way. I just don't know how well customers would accept them. They are a