07 June 2011

Hot and Cold

Scottish Power have announced a massive increase in the cost of gas and electricity (19% gas, and 10% electricity). How can they justify this when they put up prices at the end of last year?

For those of us on low incomes this increase is a major blow, especially when it is already a struggle. Unfortunately, everyone else will follow suit because they do not seem to be able to operate independently, which makes me think that there is a price cartell in operation.

When is it going to end? Everything is going up in price while salaries are static. I earn a third of what I did 10 years ago, but my bills have more than doubled. On the face of it, it is a crazy time to be in business, although the pet sitting is doing quite well this year - thankfully. I am hoping that at some point the day job, the petsitting and the soapy stuff together will mean that the finances ease a little.

And talking of soapy stuff, I have two fairs on Saturday, which as usual I am not exactly ready for. Most of the body butter was made on the last back holiday, and I am waiting for some boxes for a new gift pack which will also be suitable for travelling. It will have a half size soap, an organic muslin face cloth, an unfragranced body butter and as a little extra a nice little book. There will also be something a little new for the bath salts. Watch this space!

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