11 March 2011

This is a Rant

Prepare yourselves. I am going to have a rant. I do not understand why service has to be so bad. I ordered Himalayan salt for my bath salts last Tuesday. They were shipped on Tuesday, but have not arrived with me.

My supplier has bent over backwards to try to sort out the issue for me, but it is very difficult when the courier does not care a jot. I have spoken to them, and just get the "there is nothing I can do" line which is complete nonsense. Apparently, they have tried to deliver twice, but on neither ocassion has a card been put through the door. Call me cynical but to me, this indicates that there has not been an attempted delivery. It is not that difficult surely, to deliver a package on time and to the correct address. Do I expect too much? I am beginning to think that I do.

Do these courier companies not understand how failure to deliver impacts on small businesses like mine? I have an order to finish and I can't do that without the salts. I wanted to drop it if off over the weekend. What if I lost the order as a result? This does not seem to bother them at all. It would be interesting to know what their failure rate is, but I don't suppose there is a way of finding out.

Rant over.


  1. Oddly, I think in a recession the level of customer service has gotten worse.. you'd have thought it'd be the exact opposite wouldn't you?!

    Hope it arrives tomorrow!

  2. I love a rant! And I hate it when people just don't care about bad service. I really hope that you receive your stuff in time.

  3. I'm hearing you, makes you wonder sometimes. Is it the driver's fault of is the driver doing the job of 1.5 people. If all else fails you could track where it is and go to the depot, I've had to do that before especially on a Friday when I need the stuff over the weekend.