01 March 2011

Light and Dark

Spring, that season of hope for the new year is on its way. Snowdrops carpet the woods, crocuses and grape hyacinth are waving from the flower beds and today, I saw a tree with pretty pink blossom just beginning to show. The darkness of winter will soon be behind us and thoughts can turn to warm summer evenings.

Of course, in some parts of the world thoughts are more of survival than warmer weather and the darkness has certainly fallen. The dreadful news of the events in Christchurch last week have competed with news from the Middle East for the front pages of the papers. There has been so much death in the last couple of weeks.

Gaddafi is the latest of the Middle East leaders to feel the wrath of the people. A couple of weeks ago, Egypt's Mubarak stepped down after 18 days of delaying tactics, presumably in order to get his money out of the country. I have a horrible feeling that in Libya it is going to be a different story and that the country is heading for civil war, although to listen to the Colonel, all his people love him. Deluded? You decide.

The knock on effect of all this is the refugee crisis, with many thousands of people trying to flee the country to Tunisia. Reports say that 75,000 people have already fled Libya and tented camps are being set up. Aid workers warn of a developing humanitarian crisis with water and sanitation being major issues.

So, with lengthening days and anticipation of summer air filled with smoke from barbeques, thoughts turn to people in other parts of the world struggling for survivial.

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