08 January 2011


I was supposed to have a wood burner installed before Christmas, but with perfect timing, the snow arrived and the installation had to be postponed.

So today, is the day. I telephoned the shop yesterday to see what time the fitter might arrived and was told 9.00am. Imagine my surprise when there was a knock on the door at 8.00, and with me still in my pj's.

I have spent all morning banished upstairs. It forced me to do some more work on the website, which is no bad thing, although it is still not finished. I also have packaging issues and have been looking for gift boxes. Packaging is such a nightmare, especially if you know what you want. It will be a case of not being able to find it; or finding it but in the wrong size or colour; or worse, it is perfect but out of stock. I would love to be able to tell someone what I am looking for and them getting them to do it for me. It would make life so much easier.

On a more productive note, I made wedding favours last week, just as a trial batch. I found some lovely little hear moulds which I thought would be perfect. They are cold process which is something I have done much of and I am delighted at how they have turned out, although I could have done without the ash formation. Next time, I will leave them in the mould a little longer and it has been suggested that covering them in clingfilm might help.

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  1. Oh a woodburner, how lovely! Will we get a photo?
    I feel your pain with the packaging thing, I must spend more time searching for boxes than I do making the products to put in them!
    The soaps are lovely Suzanne, perfect for wedding favours - and it isn't's frosting :)