18 September 2010

New Arrivals

Well, the stork paid me a visit last night, and left me two furry little bundles. The ginger kitten is called Fidget while his sister is Echo.

Fidget is a real Mummies boy, and vocal with it. He wants to sit on my knee, and if I have the audacity to need the toilet, or to go and get myself a drink he shouts until I get back.

Echo on the other hand, is a bit more stand-offish, but has at least stopped flinching if I tickle her under the chin. They are beautiful little beasties and I am having buckets of fun with them.


  1. Oh they're adorable Suzanne! If you'd had them the day I came we wouldn't have got any soaping done at all.

  2. These kittens are adorable, I love the way they are all cosied up under the cushions.

  3. Hi Suzanne
    aww those two are little cuties and sounds like they have totally different characters too!