03 September 2010

Bath Salts

Finally got some new jars for my bath salts. This is the geranium scented salts and the dark bits are tiny rose buds. I am rolling them out at the Craft Fair on Sunday.

Tomorrow, I will be spending the day making body butters. Everything else is done (I hope). I am really looking forward to it.

I also have a couple of new trade enquiries, so hopefully before long I will be able to spill the beans.


  1. These look really really nice Suzanne. They look like mine, lol, but without the sweatiness that mine get I still haven't managed to sort that out. What size of Kilner jar do you use? Mine is 350ml

    Very nice and I hope they sell really well for you.

    Best if luck for tomorrow and let us know you you get on (with a piccy of course xx)

  2. Hi Polly,

    They are 200ml which I am thinking of also putting body butters in.

    (I let mine sit in a covered bowl for an hour before potting up. I also allows the fragrance to infuse)