12 August 2010


Yesterday, my lovely, funny, gentle, and rather silly teddy bear of a cat, Taz, died. He was 11 and had gone from being a terribly scrawny kitten to a chunky boy who loved nothing more than a cuddle, or having his tummy tickled.

I miss him taking over the bed leaving me perched on the edge, I miss him shouting at me for food and I will miss him crawling under the duvet and lying against my stomach next winter.

The other three watched him die, and are really stressed and clingy as a result. They have hardly eaten this evening, and there is nothing I can do to make them feel better.


  1. Aww Suzanne,this post has made me cry - I'm so sad for you, and having met Taz, I'm so sorry he's gone. He was so special, with his Big Buddha Body and his beautiful face, full of expression! You've captured him so beautifully in this photo. It must be some consolation that you gave him a loving home in which to end his days and he loved you very much. RIP Taz.

  2. So sorry Suzanne that you have lost your beautiful Taz..time is a great healer ... he will always be in your heart hugs to you x

  3. Aww Suzanne, so sorry you lost Taz (hug)
    Sleep well Taz

    Beth xxx