27 June 2010

Lazy Days

I am sitting in the garden when I should be working, but it has been a long time since we had a real summer. At least it seems like it. It is nice to feel the sun on my bones, and to top up on my vitamin D.

I am having a light eating day. The dreaded D word (diet in case you are not sure) is not allowed through my front door. It is not a word I use, because as soon as I do, I reach for a cream cake. No, I have to play mind games with my stomach if I want to lose some weight. I do not deny myself chocolate, or a cream cake or any of the food groups you hear people say they can't have because they are fattening. Instead, if I have a chocolate craving, and what girl doesn't, then I have a piece. I make sure that it is really good quality chocolate and then I don't eat the whole bar, although I can if I try. Today, I will eat plenty of fruit, with just a small drizzle of cream so that my brain is fooled into thinking that I am doing something really naughty, when I am not. Dinner will be a huge salad, with some sort of carbs - I do not prescribe to the no carb theory, and find that if I don't have some then I could eat an Everest sized pile of salad and still be hungry.

I believe that there is some sort of football game on shortly, can't think what, but I keep hearing a vuvuzela somewhere locally, and it is going to drive me demented if it does not stop. I am so glad that I am not in South Africa where there are hundreds of the blasted things (pun intended). I am not going to watch because I think that it is likely to be a train wreck, and if I am honest I am not terribly patriotic when it comes to football. If the cats allow me the comfy chair, I am going to settle myself with Freya Stark's "Southern Gates of Arabia" and head east to more exotic climes.

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