09 March 2013

Distractions and new things

What a day! I decided to dig out the sewing machine. Not difficult, I have used it before when I was in my clothes making phase, so what could go wrong? Well, plenty as it turns out.

A lady I know, Polly from Miss Polly Designs, has been making some beautiful tote bags recently, which made me think that it would be nice for me to do the same as a Mother's Day present. Simple, I thought. Well, no.

I popped into Mum's this morning to collect the sewing machine. I gathered all the bits together, all except the idiot guide, which appears to have gone astray, and came home to the two pretty bundles of fabric that were waiting for me. I cut out the bits I needed and started to sew. At least I would have done except that I could not get the blasted machine to work. I have spent all afternoon, and into this evening cursing the stupid white machine which I swear just sat there laughing at me. Finally it started to work (no, I have no idea what I did, but I am guessing that all the threats finally did their job) and now, I am almost out of thread.

I do not see how anyone could make a living making these bags. I think that it will be rather nice when it is finished. It is a quilted (yes, I know, make it complicated) and I think it will be quite roomy. It has different fabric front and back, in a tiny print design, with a floral lining. Or at least it will be, sometime.


  1. Hi Suzanne, what a pretty blog, I love the background!
    Me and sewing machines don't get on either, I much prefer to stitch by hand...far less tears and tantrums :)

  2. Thank you. I thought the background was pretty too. I usually sew by hand - even curtains - at least the worst that can happen then is stitching the cloth to my finger. I hope it is worth it.

  3. Sewing machines can be pain when they start to act up. I was thinking of making a tote for mothers day too, with a pattern from the latest book by Lisa from Uhandbag. Not sure if I can find the time for it though..

  4. Thank you for your mention Suzanne xxxx
    I don't sew by hand. Ever. It's the sewing machine or nothing for me lol
    Looking forward to seeing your new bag xx