27 September 2012

Playing with Scents Part II

I wrote a few days ago about playing with some of the less common essential oils, so I thought I should also write about the results.

I had an idea in mind of the kind of scent I was looking for. Of course, I ended up with something rather different, but which I think might be perfect.

What I was looking for, was something that was slightly reminiscent of the kind of warm, slightly dusty scent you get in old book shops, but I  was also looking for something light like gossamer floating on the breeze. Determined to use Violet Leaf for its green note and hint of violet fragrance which is so lovely and which I knew would give depth to the blend, I needed to find something which was capable of coping with its tenacity. Violet Leaf is a kind of slap you in the face fragrance that is not of the shrinking variety!

I had a choice of other oils to use, including Cistus and Spikenard which do have a smokiness, but no matter how hard I tried using the tiniest amount of one of these with the Violet Leaf was just too much.

I ended up with two potential candidates, and have been sniffing them off and on for the last few days. Having allowed them to mature a little, I have opted for a blend with Violet Leaf and May Chang. The lightness of the May Chang hovers above the base of green, dry Violet Leaf and it makes for a rather nice blend if I do say so.

I have one more blend to sort out, and I can launch this new range of soaps on the poor unsuspecting public, so watch out. You have been warned.

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