12 March 2012

The Benefits of Networking

Last Friday, I received a surprise order from a gift shop/gallery which is opening at the end of this week. Typically, it comes at a time when I have not been making much soap and, although I have enough stock to fulfil this order, I will have to get my act together and get out the cauldron. Sometimes, it is just this kind of thing which makes my mojo come out of hiding and I can get my act together.

The order came as a result of my contacting a local shop, which opened last year, to see if they wanted to stock any soap. At the time, she was not in a position to take on any more products, but obviously kept my details and kindly passed them on.

It is a reminder that when you attend a craft fair, or approach a shop, you may not reap immediate rewards. Even if you do not get anywhere at the time, it does not mean that something will not come of it at some point, and usually when you least expect it.

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