21 April 2011


I have been mulling about how best to display soap at Fairs. Until now, I have had them in nice little trugs, but find that people tend not to dig about to see what is in them. Rather they just pick up the first bar, sniff it and put it back. So, something has to change, and after racking my last functioning brain cell have come up on cake stands.

Above is a photograph of the first one, which is uncoloured glass and a good height. I just have to decide if it is right. I have a fair this Saturday, so I will see if it helps then.

1 comment:

  1. I think it looks lovely! What about standing up the bars on their sides and presenting them in a displayed way so you can see the labels more clearly?

    I'd keep the trugs too but maybe not fill so deep or use that woodwool/straw filling at the bottom and soaps on top so they look like they're at the top? Plus it gives a natural look too.